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Tree Removal Job Grand Rapids

Tree Removal

Grand Rapids

A great Example of what our 60ft boom Lift Can accomplish. It can move over objects in the way and have a 60ft reach for higher trees.

Tree Pruning Caledonia Area

True Pruning


Tree trimming and pruning if done correctly can be good for your tree. Remove deadwood from your trees with tree pruning done by our specialists. We know how to remove branches from many tree species properly and without chance of damaging them.

Stump Grinding Grand Rapids

Stump Grinding

Ada, Michigan

Our Grand Rapids stump grinding company will take care of that trublesome stump. Once we grind down the stump we fill the area with topsoil and seed.

Providing skills

We provide tree removal services in many different fields and many different areas in West Michigan. Here are polls that compare all our customers most needed tree services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Holland and Caledonia

Tree Removal 94%

Stump Grinding 94%

Tree Pruning 100%

Land Clearing 70%

Tree Trimming 40%

Emergency Tree Removal 20%

Our Customers

Muller Tree Service is a fully-insured, family owned and operated tree service company in Grand Rapids. We take great pride in giving our customers affordable services. Our tree service in Grand Rapids is full of skilled and experienced crews and experts who take great care in providing safety and care while we work on your property

Our customer's always come first. There will never be an instance of leaving tree cuts on the side or stump grinding mess left on your property, We will clean up your place with the love and care like as if it was our own. We also can answer any question you may have regarding your tree health. Whatever your need may be we make sure our customer's experience is above all else. As a local, family owned tree service in grand rapids, we never pass down the opportunity to give our customers the best experience possible


"Muller Tree Services did an excellent job. My tree looks great and they completely cleaned the yard and removed all branches and debris. I would highly recommend their affordable service"
--Linda McCaleb

Proper Tree Equipment

Our tree company uses top-of-the-line commercial equipment. One of are most useful and not to mention most remarkable pieces of tree cutting machinery is our 60-foot boom lift. If we do however, come across a project that cannot handle our equipment, we have a very skilled manual tree climbing team to get the job done.

  • Tree Climbing
  • Difficult Storm Recovery Removals
  • Tree Cutting and Pruning
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Difficult Residential Tree Removals