My crew has maintained a positive outlook this year and we have many good years to come. It hasnt always been like this for me.  It took several years to build a core group of guys who work so well together. It seems that we not only have good chemistry on the job but everyone knows what is expected of us. I have had the privilege to work with these guys for the past couple of years and you could not find a better group of tree service workers in Grand Rapids.  Fritz Muller is the younger brother .  Dan Laroque is a cousin from north of Grand Rapids.  John Senior was the catalyst, years ago, that got the momentum going to turn a hobby and passion into a true tree service.  He started letting me play with a chainsaw when I was no more than ten years old.  My Mom, Nancy, was not thrilled about it, but it ignited something in me that turned into an obsession, and eventually a career.

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